At Performance Motors, we are synonymous with one thing — Performance. It is rooted in anything and everything we do, to enhance your BMW experience. That’s why we are introducing a brand new initiative, as part of our PML45 celebration, to get your BMW on the road — the soonest possible.


We know how important it is to get your BMW in optimal condition and on the road. With PML Fast Track, we’ll get your BMW serviced in 90 minutes.
This is our promise.

PML Fast Track applies to any of the following services:

Engine oil change

Air filter replacement

Microfilter replacement


In support of PML Green Initiative, car wash will not be provided under the PML Fast Track. This is one of our sustainability efforts to reduce water wastage and allow you to play a more active role in helping the environment. Let’s go green together.


If your BMW is serviced beyond 90 minutes, we’ll give it a complimentary grooming service — the BMW Complete Shine Package.


For a complete clean-up of your BMW, this deluxe grooming and spa service (worth up to $350) encompasses both interior and exterior care, including:

  • Exterior Crystal Shine
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Upholstery Conditioning

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The PML Fast Track service is available by appointment basis and is only applicable for engine oil change, air filter replacement and microfilter replacement. In support of the PML Green Initiative, this service will not include car wash services. PML Fast Track is applicable for selected models only. Eligible customers are advised to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the confirmed service appointment timing. In the event additional repairs are required upon servicing your BMW, this programme will be null and void and no longer applicable or valid. The 90-minute countdown will commence according to the start time indicated at the service reception.

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  1. What is the PML Fast Track?
  2. PML Fast Track is a commitment to BMW owners that their servicing can be completed within 90 minutes.*

  3. Is this service type available for all BMW models?
  4. PML Fast Track is applicable to all BMW models, with the exception of BMW M models.

  5. Are all types of servicing scope under BMW Service Inclusive covered under PML Fast Track?
  6. Only the following service scopes are covered under this service:

    • Engine Oil Change
    • Air Filter Replacement
    • Microfilter replacement
  7. What if my vehicle requires all 3 scopes mentioned during my next servicing, does this still qualify under PML Fast Track?
  8. Yes, your vehicle will still be eligible for PML Fast Track.

  9. When will the 90 minutes countdown officially start?
  10. The 90 minutes countdown will start according to the start time indicated by the service reception.

  11. How will I be informed of the completion of the servicing?
  12. Whether it is within or outside 90 minutes, you will be informed of the completion by the customer service advisor once the car is ready.

  13. Is PML Fast Track available at all service centres?
  14. Yes it is.

  15. Do I have to make an appointment for PML Fast Track?
  16. Yes, PML Fast Track is only available on an appointment basis.

  17. I was informed that additional work is required on my vehicle, would PML Fast Track still be applicable?
  18. In this instance, PML Fast Track would no longer be applicable or valid.

  19. What happens if I am late for my PML Fast Track appointment?
  20. We will still accept your vehicle, but PML Fast Track would no longer be applicable or valid. It is highly recommended to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

  21. Will I receive a complimentary car wash for my vehicle after the servicing is completed?
  22. As part of the PML Green initiative, car wash services will not be provided under PML Fast Track. However, a green gift will be accorded to you upon completion of the service.

  23. In the event the servicing exceeds 90 minutes, am I able to utilise the complimentary grooming package immediately?
  24. Yes, this is possible and subject to availability. Our customer service advisors are able to advise you on the day itself.

  25. Is there an expiry date for the complimentary grooming package if I am eligible?
  26. The complimentary grooming package has a 12-month validity. An appointment for grooming will need to be booked if not available immediately or can also be booked in conjunction with your next servicing appointment as long as it is within the 12-month validity from the date of issuance.