300 litres — that’s how much water is used in a single car wash. Multiply that by 100 cars and that’s 30,000 litres of our Earth’s precious resource going down the drain. But with the PML Green Initiative, you can help save water by opting out of a car wash and bring home a microgreen gardening kit as our reward to you. We’ll also plant a tree for every 30 car washes opted out so you can play a more active role in helping the environment. Join us in going green together!


OPT OUT OF YOUR CAR WASH. Inform your Customer Service Advisor to opt you out of a car wash before your car servicing session.
OUR FAST LANE IS NOW GREEN. Choose our Green Fast Lane when booking your appointment online.
TAKE HOME A GREEN REWARD. Enjoy a complimentary Microgreen Gardening Kit as a token of our appreciation.
WATCH YOUR EFFORTS GROW. To do our part, PML will be planting a tree for every 30 car washes opted out in support of NParks' Plant-A-Tree Programme.* We will begin our first tree planting session at Jalan Gali Batu by the end of July 2023.