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Autoverse.An Interactive Experience
Like No Other.

Ever wondered how your dream BMW would look like at your front door? Venture into the BMW Autoverse to view it in augmented reality, then book a doorstep test drive and experience the real deal right at your door.


Learn how to access the BMW Autoverse anytime, anywhere and be a part of an immersive journey of discovering your desired BMW models.

Gain entry into a whole new BMW Autoverse with these simple steps:

BMW Autoverse is available exclusively on your mobile phone. Click “Discover now” to enter. If you’re viewing it from a desktop, click “Scan now” to get the QR code and use your mobile phone to scan the code.

Autoverse Icon

Select your preferred BMW.

Autoverse Icon

You will be redirected to the BMW Autoverse page.

Autoverse Icon

Enable access to your phone’s
motion and orientation features.

Autoverse Icon

Enable camera access.

You may swipe for a 360° view of the car, pinch to zoom, learn more about the model and take photos to share it with your friends.

Your BMW Autoverse Journey Begins Here.

Car specifications may vary from the models shown. Options and features are model-dependent.

This page provides information on BMW products and does not constitute an offer of sale. Any sale is subject to our applicable terms and conditions.

Terms & conditions apply.